Saturday, December 15, 2012

Consistency Is Key

    For the past year and a half since I started my writing career I've been off and on with my writing. But recently I decided that I would make writing a daily habit. I started with just 15 minutes a day (yes, I use a timer). From my business training I've learned that small and incremental changes create lasting change, so I have been improving over the past few weeks. For two weeks I wrote for 15 minutes, the next two weeks for 16, and am currently writing for 17 minutes a day. Since I've started this process I have brainstormed, written, and edited an entire picture book story and even done some major brainstorming and writing for a second story. Not bad for only 15-17 minutes a day. Every two weeks, when I feel like I have mastered the time frame, I will bump the time up one minute. Soon I will be at 20 minutes and in no time at all, an hour. My productivity will go up and hopefully my chances for publication. Good luck figuring out your goals and consistently reaching them!