Saturday, July 27, 2013

Writer's Block

     I've been working on a middle grade novel for almost a year now and am still on chapter five. Not that I haven't been writing, but because I keep re-working the same chapters over and over. I have had other people read what I've written and they like what they've read. However they've raised concerns that have halted my progress with completely finishing the book. Things like, "If you keep writing this story, what is the consequence if she doesn't escape her situation?" My answer, "She'll get eaten." Their reply, "Isn't that a little gross for a middle grade novel?" Even though I love my setting, after months of trying to make it work, I had to concede--on more fronts than just that one. My total premise was off. I've re-thought what I'm going to write, but I had to work through what I want to have happen with the story and what will actually work. I'm starting to work through my writer's block and I know the story I'm currently writing will be better than the one I originally thought of. The key is to stick with it and don't give up (an don't let anyone read it until you're done with the rough draft)!

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